We Created The Barber Cape Hype

The Original Urban-Inspired Barber Capes And Apparel Brand

 The King Midas Empire Barber Cape & Hair Cutting Apparel Brand originated in 2014 in a New York barbershop. The life changing experience that barbering had on its' creator, Joseph "Jackpot" Vargas was the inspiration behind the now legendary brand. Dissatisfied with hair cutting capes that lacked quality and featured poor and boring design choices, he began to meticulously hand craft products and testing them out on the barbers & clients, in his own barber shop. Through this rigorous process and his flair for unique styles, King Midas Empire was born. King Midas is now considered an essential barber brand worldwide with an extensive catalog of products for the hair industry. Known for it's artistry, quality and authenticity, King Midas is not only an industry trend setter, it is an inspirational story for the barber/entrepreneur.