Barber Gloves 100 Pack

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 Now you can purchase professional Nitrile Barber Gloves from King Midas Empire.

Nitrile gloves are becoming increasingly necessary in the hair stylist and barber industry. They offer a good balance of protection and durability, which is why these are one of the best options for barbers.

 These barber gloves are all you will need to keep your hands clean and protected while you are working on your clients! The benefits of nitrile gloves include their durability and their ability to reduce the risk of contamination. They can also be worn by people who have sensitive skin or allergies to latex, which makes them ideal for use in barber shops.

 King Midas Barber Gloves are made with high-quality materials that are long-lasting, durable, and easy to use. To safe and avoid the risk of infection or other health issues, buy our barber nitrile gloves now!

  • Strong reliable protection.

  • Form-fitting and stretchable for maximum flexibility.

  • Non-latex powder-free disposable.

  • Perfect for all barber & salon services.

  • Ambidextrous. 

  • High-grade nitrile.

  • Real barber tested and approved