Barber Neck Strips

      2 products

      2 products

      Barber neck strips are the type of product that you should always trust.

      Our Neck strips are one of our most popular items because the value you get from each box. They are perfectly designed to block more unwanted hair, and maintains durability with no irritation.

      King Midas neck strips are made to be dependable. Each neck strip stretches to fit around all client's neck sizes. This combined with the soft porous material that they are made of makes them extra comfortable. Our specially designed neck strips for barbers & stylists are safe on the skin and do not cause any discomfort or irritation. They are easy to apply and remove in seconds. These strips are not only bigger, but each pack also contains more strips than the average brands. Neck strips for barbers are required to provide a barrier of protection for your client's neck (skin) from germs and diseases. Buy the best right here at the King Midas Empire store! We are not limited to neck strips, but also provide other grooming accessories like barber capes, hair stylist aprons, barber vests & much more.

      Features of Our Barber Salon Neck Strips: 

      • 1 Case Total 3,120 Neck Strips. More strips than the average brands.

      • Comfortable, Stretchable Protection

      • Expands To Fit Around All Neck Sizes

      • Absorbs & Provides A Barrier Against Hair

      • Made By Barber Professionals