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King Midas Hair Grippers for Barbers- 4 Pack

      1 product

      1 product

      Hair grippers are a simple and effective way to keep hair neatly in place while you work. They are a must-have in the grooming kit of any barber or stylist. Hair grippers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the clients hair. Some customers need to have a stronger grip on their hair while others need a more gentle grip. After understanding the requirements of the customers hair length and texture- King Midas Empire experts designed a special Barber Hair Grippers bundle pack to section and hold the hair in place easily.

      Our 4-pack hair gripper includes the most convenient sizes for a proper hold to eliminate having to use extra grippers. This 4 pack of reusable hair grippers (Jumbo & regular sizes) Holds hair easily by pressing firmly on the divided section. These essential-sized Barber hair grippers allow you to use the proper hair gripper for your clients.

      Order our Hair grippers and use them in your salons and barbershops for cutting hair. They help keep the client's hair in place during the cutting process, which prevents unnecessary pulling or tearing. King Midas products also include the best barber capes, hair stylist aprons, vests, jackets & other barber products. Order Now!