What is a Barber Cape for?

What is a Barber Cape For?

Barber Capes are staples in a barbershop or salon. Being covered in a barber cape is a part of the experience, and are memorable especially for children that are getting their first haircut. But as they say, not all capes are created equal. There is actually a lot of thought and professional experience that goes into King Midas capes. This may sound surprising but there is really more to an effective barber cape than just a piece of cloth to drape over your client.   

Barber Capes are meant to keep the clients cool and repel hair so that can relax and enjoy the time spent in your barbershop or salon. Being over covered or under covered can create discount when the client sits in the barber or hair stylists chair for too long. That is why a barber should choose a barber cape brand that has a good reputation for expertise in the barber shop or salon business.


Barber Cape Materials

Barber capes need to be waterproof, chemical resistant, fade proof, dye proof, and lightweight. 

Ease in care and cleaning is also a contributing factor for the selection of these materials. Since these materials are waterproof and dye proof, hair and dirt won’t stick to the cape’s surface. In case of contact with hair products and dyes, these synthetic fabrics only need to be machine washed and then drip-dry the cape. There is no need for harsh bleach or other special detergents.


Barber Cape Designs

Barbers and hairstylist prioritize utility over design when it comes to capes. But King Midas combines reliability in performance with aesthetically pleasing designs that represents the hair culture and enhances the ambiance of your establishment. 

Because of the versatility of its materials, barber capes can come in different colors, textures, and finishes. The most important design feature, though are the closures. There are barber cape brands that use Velcro (the most popular), string-tie, clips, or elastic neckbands. Velcro, for example, while convenient causes cut hair to become trapped in between its two sides. Some elastic (metal hooks), can dig into the neck skin and are very tight around the neck and uncomfortable during a haircut. King Midas Capes, on the other hand, utilize specialized snap button closures and professional barber made elastic neck closures.  King Midas neck bands are reliable and provide a neatly concealed safe and secure closure. This type of closure lasts longer and also provides a neatly concealed closure for your neck strips. 

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