Barber Cape Care

 Barber Cape Care


  1. Are hair cutting capes machine washable?

    Always refer to the manufacturer’s tag on the product for washing instructions. Whenever possible it is always best to wipe clean, line dry, and only iron on very low temperature settings. You can even dry-clean some of these barber capes. Most of the barber capes aren’t bleach-proof and since the materials used are synthetic fabrics, tossing the capes in the dryer and ironing in high heat are big no-nos.

    It is advisable to wipe away any dirt or hair from the surface of the cape. Read the label for specific washing instructions. Use room temperature water and mild detergents. Do not scrub or twist the cape just gently wipe away any stain or dirt to prolong its color and finish. Drip-dry in a shaded area.

  2. What is the best neck closure for hair cutting capes?

    Nowadays, metal snap buttons and Velcro are the most popular closures for  barber capes. Capes with sturdy metal snap buttons are more preferable. There should be at least six snap buttons on the neckband.

    Get a feel for the cape first and ask for feedback from clients. Some parents, for example, would prefer secure closures for children’s hair cutting capes. 

  3. Is it safe to use hair cutting capes while coloring a client’s hair?

    This depends on the make and quality of the hair cutting cape. Nylon or coated nylon capes are stain resistant but some of the nylon capes are very thin, allowing hair dye to bleed through the cape. Hair cutting capes, in general, aren’t totally waterproof. They just repel liquids. Bleach is also another issue.

    Just to be on the safe side, purchase hair cutting capes specifically made for styling or hair salons. This can be tricky in of itself since sellers of generic capes market their products as color proof, water proof, washable and so on. So, stick to reputable professional brands or products that have experience and are mid-range price range.

  4. Are there hair cutting capes that don’t trap a lot of heat?

    There are, actually. Some hair cutting capes are breathable despite being made from synthetic materials. But there’s also a trade-off. These capes are usually thinner. This does not necessarily mean that these capes are of poorer quality, though.

    Some brands use innovative ways to ensure that their hair cutting cape is comfortable as much as possible. There are capes made out of synthetic blends and uncommon fabrics. There are also capes that provide better heat dispersal.

  5. Can I use hair cutting capes for other purposes?

    Some people actually use hair cutting capes for dog grooming – not on the dog but on the groomers. Hair cutting capes provide advantages for dog groomers. First, the capes repel water and hair. Second, the cape provides more coverage compared to regular utility aprons. There are disadvantages, of course, but it all depends on your preferences.

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