Best Barber Capes For You

Posted on January 20 2019

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What is the best barber cape for you?

Your choice of barber capes can have a profound impact on your clients' experience at your establishment. Believe it or not, the barber cape that you drape your clients in, can determine the quality of the service you provide. You never want to make a bad impression on a potentially good client with an uncomfortable tacky cape.  At we personally understand the daily grind of a barber & know how important it is to keep all of our clients happy. Our first hand expertise and trend setting style, has made us the standard for barber capes. With the rise of generic brands with no barbering experience or consideration for the barbering community, it is easy to choose a barber cape that may turn off a client. Good paying clients like to know they are in the hands of a barber who treats their clients & their craft like gold.
Best barber capes. King Midas

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